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Past Events

March 21-24 2019: Co-Panelist for “Unpacking the Daily Prophet: Media Literacy and News Bias” at the Granger Leadership Academy, Philadelphia, PA

March 15-18th 2018: Student Speaker at the Granger Leadership Academy, Tuscon, AR

December 5th, 2017: Interrobang Reading at Collected Works, 6 p.m. Santa Fe, NM.

December 11th, 2017: Book Launch Party and Signing at the Fogelson Library, 1 p.m. Santa Fe, NM

Denver Comic Con 2017 Panels: “Always Keep Nerdfighting,” “Supergirl and LGBTQ,” “Why Adults Like Cartoons,” and “Fans Give Back: Fandoms as Social Activism.”


Media from past events:

SFAI 140 March 2017: