I currently volunteer as a Resource Development Writer for The Harry Potter Alliance. My primary work has been done on the HPA’s Fandom Forward toolkit. My best work for this organization can be found below:

Star Wars Fandom Forward Toolkit

Thousand Year Old Wars: Steven Universe and Intergenerational Trauma

Inara Uses Backpage: Sex Work Representation in Firefly

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I have written and served as the associate editor of the student news publication Jackalope Magazine. Here you will find all of my clips for this magazine. My top articles are also listed below.

Campus Security

Q&A with Felicia Day

Interview with Mayor Javier Gonzales

Conflict in the Gender Neutral Hall

Midterm Survival Guide

I have also written for Hush Comics and continue to be a freelancer for the website. Here you can see all of my clips for this publication. My top articles are also listed below. Note: The Hush Comics website is currently under a redesign and some photos may be missing.

What I Learned Doing Gishwhes

Interview with Zak Kinsella

Alan Tudyk at Denver Comic Con

Naomi Grossman at Santa Fe Comic Con

All “Parallel in Fandom” Editorials